3 Differences Between Airlines or Chartering a Private Jet

3 key Differences Between Travelling via Commercial Airline & Chartering a Private jet.

Cost, flexibility, service: These are the three main differences between commercial airlines and private jet operators.  In this article, we take you through each key difference and explain why chartering a private jet with Volare Aviation could make strategic sense for the employees of your company and also, why it could just make good old fashioned sense if you’re travelling with your family.

The Cost of Private Jet Charter vs Commercial Airlines

Let’s start by taking the bull directly by the horns and address cost; travelling by private jet is expensive whichever way you look at it.  There’s a reason flying this way has a reputation for exclusivity and not everybody can afford to take a trip – whether for business or pleasure – unless they go with a commercial airline.  However, remember, when you’re weighing up whether or not you can justify the amount you or your company is spending chartering a private flight, it would be imprudent to look at cost in isolation.  Cost is a factor that can only truly be understood when it’s considered alongside both flexibility and service, both of which can drive it down substantially.  Read the following and you’ll understand why.

If you’re used to flying from any of the U.K.’s major airports then you’ve probably enjoyed a few great experiences, some fairly uneventful trips and then maybe (hopefully) the odd journey that has been plagued from beginning to end by delays or cancellations, long waits at the baggage carousel and worst of all, the peccadillos of other passengers (which is a nice way of referring to an overly talkative neighbour or a boisterous toddler).

If you’re flying with Volare Aviation, however, it goes without saying that you won’t need to be concerned about anyone else but yourself.  Chartering a private jet means that you choose next to whom you sit.   Your surroundings will also feature world-class interiors offering that perfect balance of functionality and ergonomics.  Should you so wish, time in the air can be spent working without interruption or distraction increasing your productivity substantially.  Your flight will also be tailored to provide you with service that meets your exact requirements; the journey will be comfortable in a way that sets it well apart from commercial airline travel, from our spacious seats and private restrooms to hand-prepared catering and fine wine selection.  

3 Differences Between Airlines or Chartering a Private Jet

Private Jet Charter Convenience without Compromise

Travelling on a private jet certainly doesn’t have to be restricted to business use.  Many of our clients charter private jets for family trips, which means that they no longer have to worry if they’re the ones with the overactive children!  Not only are you able to avoid the stress of getting through the airport lines with a young family, but you also can relax on board as your children will have the freedom to roam about and make as much noise as they want without disturbing anyone else.  One benefit of this way of travel is that your holiday can begin as soon as you set foot on the aeroplane and your journey itself can become part of the experience instead of an arduous battle through queues and crowds.

Bear in mind that the cost of chartering a private jet decreases the more people there are accompanying you.  This does make it a more cost effective option if you are flying with your family or if need to travel with a team of people.  That said, if you are travelling for business, even with fewer colleagues on board, it might still make sound economic sense once you factor in the value of a senior executives’ time.

3 key Differences Between Travelling via Commercial Airline & Chartering a Private jet.

In Group Business Travel, Time really is Money

And time is one thing we’re all short of; as the old, rather familiar saying goes, time is money.  This is where flexibility comes into play.  Commissioning a jet with Volare Aviation means there is no arriving at the airport two hours early, checking in or waiting in lines at security.  It means you can fly on a less popular route to a much smaller airport, getting you closer to your meeting or holiday destination and avoiding the infrastructure of larger airports.  Time on the road can also be kept to a minimum as we are able to fly you to far more destinations than would be possible if you used commercial routes alone.   Arriving at a private airport terminal means that you can quite literally drive up to your aeroplane and get on board; you leave on a schedule dictated by you and no one else.  Valet parking services mean that handlers will take your car away and bring it out to you when you return.  Should you require any onward travel requirements, Volare is happy to arrange and book all of these, from taxis and VIP cars to custom mini-vans or hire cars.

Travelling with us means that you can maximise the amount of time you spend at your destination whilst minimising the amount of time spent sitting in an airport lounge.  If a meeting runs over or you wish to extend your holiday, your private jet will wait for you; after all, that’s precisely why it’s there.  You can schedule your time around your requirements or those of your clients rather than the departure times of a major airline.  Additionally, you won’t have to worry about a commercial flight being suddenly cancelled.

Not every meeting takes place in a boardroom. Another advantage of chartering a private jet is that you don’t have to worry about lost luggage or limit yourself to flying with one small suitcase in order to avoid delays at the baggage carousel; you choose what you bring with you and what you do with it.  Golf clubs, ski equipment, hunting rifles, all of these items are difficult if not impossible to take with you if you fly on a commercial airline, but on a private jet, you get to decide.  What happens in the boardroom doesn’t have to stay in the boardroom any longer. 

3 key Differences Between Travelling via Commercial Airline & Chartering a Private jet.

Which is Safer – Private Jets or Commercial Airlines?

It wouldn’t be right to talk about the three main differences between flying commercially and chartering a private jet without mentioning safety.   This is a difference that isn’t mentioned in our title because, as far as we’re concerned, there is no difference; it’s as simple as that.  Flying on a private jet is equally if not safer than flying on a larger passenger jet.  The aircraft fly fewer hours, are maintained more often and are never rushed to get off the ground to meet busy timetables.  Plus, there’s no question of feeling anxious in mid-air because of disruptive or unruly passengers.  Additionally, the same strict air safety and maintenance regulations apply as they do for all passenger flights and at Volare Aviation we are dedicated to maintaining and exceeding industry standards both on the ground and in the air; we even have a purpose-built Part 147 training facility at our maintenance base in Oxford to ensure that our engineers are trained to the highest possible standard.  When you fly with us, you also know with whom you’re travelling and what is on the aeroplane with you.

Cost, flexibility and service: Once you take each one into consideration, and once you consider each one in relation to the other two, you may realise that – whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure – chartering a private jet with Volare Aviation makes far more sense and is far more affordable than you could previously have imagined.

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