Volare Aviation achieves a breakthrough in engineering licensing through virtual classrooms!

Due to current social distancing requirements, the need for virtual classrooms and distance learning is increasing in many industries and the aviation sector is no exception. The Volare Aviation team has, therefore, stepped up to support aeronautical engineers in maintaining their licenses by offering CAA/EASA approved Part 147 via web-based, real-time training.

This means that on 24th April 2020 Volare Aviation officially became one of the United Kingdom’s first (if not the first) online maintenance training provider with the first class commencing on April 27th. Real-time distance learning is offered for the four to five-week theoretical part of the course. However, virtual classrooms have not yet been approved as an alternative or substitute for the practical part which still needs to be done under appropriate physical conditions.

If you need to renew your engineering license, contact our training department at [email protected] to get more information.

The next course will start in less than a two-weeks time on Monday, May 11.



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