Private Jet Ownership | How to Maximise & Profit from your Investment

Private Jet Ownership | How to Maximise & Profit from your Investment

Profiting from Private Jet Ownership – Why Chartering is Key to Maximising your Assets.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to own a private jet, but if you are, the chances are that you won’t need its services on a day-to-day basis. There’s no reason then, why your aircraft shouldn’t generate a revenue source for you when you’re not the one on board.

Enlist the Services of a Private Jet Management Company

From the moment you decide to acquire a jet, our highly trained Asset Management experts will look after you and your financial investment, every step of the way.  Being a Guernsey based company, we are extremely tax- efficient at both points of purchase and sale.  Additionally, being one of the founding members of AVIAA – a group-purchasing organisation – we have the aggregated buying power of over 400 aircraft worldwide – meaning that our fuel and handling prices are more competitive than most, an ability from which you’ll benefit as an owner.

Owning a private jet is not only expensive it can be incredibly time consuming and stressful at times too. Our dedicated Asset Management Team are specialised in maximising your personal enjoyment from your aircraft, while preserving your investment and generating offset revenue.

Private Jet Ownership | How to Maximise & Profit from your Investment

Earn Additional Income from Private Jet Ownership

By making your aircraft available for charter, our expert team are able to subsidise the running cost of your aircraft making private jet ownership sustainable.

We will tailor an individual solution for you that will remove the hard work of ownership.  However, don’t worry; you’ll still retain full control and use of your aircraft.  You will be allocated a member of our operations team, someone to whom we refer as a “guardian”; this person will be your dedicated point of contact and they – plus the whole operations department – will be available to you on a 24-hour basis, every day of the year.

We appreciate that owning and operating an aircraft is complex and multi-faceted. Our dynamic operations team will comprehensively manage all of your travel and logistical needs through one telephone call or email to your Guardian.

At our facility in Oxford, our guardians are adept at running all aspects of operating your aircraft efficiently and cost effectively by taking full responsibility of your trip. Our team will arrange everything from crew, flight planning and catering, to hotel, car and transport bookings. On the ground we will arrange any required maintenance and cleaning, turning your aircraft round, ready for your next trip.  Following every trip, your aircraft will undergo a full post-flight inspection where any required rectifications can take place.

Private Jet Management Company

Holding the largest stock of Bombardier spare parts in the U.K. and with more than 50 years of combined engineering experience, we will maintain your aircraft to the highest standards, directly through our team of specialist technicians, based permanently on site at our own Part 145 Engineering facility in Oxford.  Should you require routine scheduled maintenance or a full refit on your aircraft’s interior, our experts will work with you to achieve the comfort and style you require.  Being Bombardier specialists gives us the ability to ensure exemplary technical standards and allows us full control of the corresponding running costs that underpin your financial strategy. 

We believe that trust is essential when managing the financial aspects of your asset. Through transparency, we will ensure that you always know your financial situation by fixing your management fees and passing through the costs and revenue generated from each flight. You will never be unsure about where you are financially with your aircraft again.

We at Volare have been passionate about aviation and the industry for many years. Our long-term commitment to this business means that we are in a position to give you the best return on your investment.  Contact us today to find out more about how your aircraft can make money for you.

Visit our Private and Business Aircraft Asset Management Services page to learn more.

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